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Updated: Aug 1

Whether you are insuring your family car, supercar or classic, there are so many options available it can be difficult to know what to do. That’s where we can help. Our expertise ensures a quote that is based on your lifestyle and your circumstances – not just the type of car you drive or your postcode. This can result in lower premiums and better cover than standard motor insurance. We will research the market to find the right policy at the right price for you. You can also benefit from additional cover such as the flexibility to borrow any car and be covered fully comprehensively without having to notify us first, or pay additional premiums. If you need someone else to drive your car that’s not a problem either, with some of our policies they are comprehensively covered; automatically. And if you have several cars in the family we can arrange a single policy to cover them all giving you great cover, discounted premiums and the convenience of a single renewal date. Our aim is to provide motor insurance that suits your life and gives you flexibility when you need it – all at a price that makes you happy.

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